Jennifer - aka "Miss Jenn" has been a member of the GLC family for over 32 years, first as a competitive athlete then transitioning to coaching. her love of the sport and of glc really shown with her continued dedication and commitment to the athletes. Jennifer wears many hats at GLC first as the director of recreation and curriculum, XCEL team manager and administrator, junior olympic girls team coach levels 1-4 and recreational instructor. Jennifer holds many certifications including: first aid & CPR, safety certified, kinder accreditation and meet director. she is also on the state administrative committee for Massachusetts

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Cheri Capalbo - Ms. Cheri has been teaching gymnastics since 2011. Her love for gymnastics started when she was 5 years old, and her love for the sport never went away.  She is thrilled that she can pass that love down to the children she teaches.  Ms. Cheri teaches recreational classes for all age groups, and is one of the XCEL team coaches.  Ms. Cheri's favorite part of her job is seeing the joy on a childs face when they achieve their goals.  No matter how big or how small, the smile says it all!!  Ms. Cheri's love and passion for gymnastics has been passed down to her own children.  She proudly sends both of them to GLC and they are both competitive gymnasts.


Kylie Capalbo - Miss Kylie is a high school senior at Wachusett regional high school.  She has been a gymnast at GLC for 10 years, and is currently on the XCEL platinum team.  Kylie started teaching recreational classes at GLC in 2015.  She loves to share her knowledge with the children.  She loves to watch them grow as they develop their gymnastics abilities.  She enjoys working with all age groups, and seeing their accomplishments from week to week.