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The Gymnastics Learning Center has been making gymnastic dreams come true for more than 33 years. Graduating Shrewsbury High School seniors, Sydney Malko, Alexandra Smyrnios, and Reilly Peloquin, are prime examples that devotion to a sport they love leads not only to awards on the State, Regional, and National levels, but to personal rewards, as well. 

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Sydney Malko-  began her gymnastics career at age 2, and reached Level 10 in the Junior Olympics Program at the Gymnastics Learning Center at age 13. Sydney went on to become 2-time Level 10 State Floor Champion, Level 10 Regional Silver Medalist, and winner of the National Medal on beam. Sydney is appreciative of her training at GLC, stating, "Gymnastics Learning Center has not only been a huge part of my life because of gymnastics, but because of all the staff. Honestly, if it weren't for my GLC coaches, Nikki and Robert McElroy, I would not have gotten through the tough times, and I would not have had such good times, either. If I had to pick one word to describe the environment GLC creates, it would be LOVING. All of the staff supported me and taught me in one way or another. Sure, gymnastics is hard work and there is a certain amount of strictness, but gymnastics gave me a second family and made me feel the love I needed to get through anything."  Sydney will be attending Wentworth Institute of Technology with a merit scholarship for architecture 2016.

Alexandra Smyrnios-  walked into the Gymnastics Learning Center for a Parent-Tot Class at the age of 2, and never left. Over the past 17 years at GLC, Alex rose to Level 9 in the Junior Olympics Program at GLC, and she qualified for 2015 Eastern US Championships in Florida where she took the Silver Medal on vault. Alex also won a Silver Medal at the prestigious Starlight Invitational in Cambridge in March of this year.  With respect to her efforts training to become an award-winning gymnast, Alex states, "I was lucky that my coaches and parents always saw the best in me and continued to support and push me over any obstacles that I faced. I am grateful to the sport of gymnastics because it taught me not only the value of goal setting and perseverance, but also shaped the person I became. I know that if I had not been placed in a gymnastics class 17 years ago, I would not be the person that I am today." Alex will be attending Boston University in the fall, studying business with a concentration in Law, with the hope of eventually attending law school.  While at BU, Alex plans on competing on their intercollegiate gymnastics club 2016. 
Reilly Peloquin- started her gymnastics journey at the Gymnastics Learning Center at the age of 3, and began competing on the GLC Team at age 7, rising quickly to Level 7 in the Junior Olympics Program at GLC. In her sophomore year of high school, Reilly chose to simultaneously pursue both cheerleading and gymnastics, so she switched to GLC's XCEL Team, which had less time commitment. Reilly competed at the State level where she took the Gold Medal on beam in XCEL Platinum and the Silver Medal on beam in XCEL Diamond. Reflecting on her years at GLC, Reilly states, "Gymnastics was always something I could turn to if I wasn't having a great day. Just being in the gym was a stress reliever. Throughout my journey, my family, teammates, and coaches have always been so supportive. Along the way, there were some ups and downs, but that's the fun of it; I loved every second of it." Reilly plans on continuing gymnastics on the club team at the University of Rhode Island in the fall 2016.